Replicast® Ltd.

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Benefits for Castings Users

  • Achieve short lead time to market of high volume parts and exceptionally fast delivery of one off or small batches.
  • Provide a range of alloys including NiCrMo, Stainless, Super Duplex, Hastelloys®, Monels® and Inconels®
  • Attain high integrity defect free castings
  • Achieve consistent and accurate dimensions with minimum machining stock and consistency of form.
  • Ensure minimum and consistently accurate wall thickness, resulting in significant end product weight reduction.
  • Provide castings with good surface finish and lettering definition.
  • Facilitate achievement of low end product manufacturing cost and low life-cycle cost.

The Replicast ® Process – Key Characteristics

  • Significantly lower weight of finished products.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • High degree of dimensional accuracy.
  • Consistent dimensional repeatability.
  • Reduced or eliminated machining operations.
  • No sand inclusions.
  • Coreless process, so all quality issues associated with core making are eliminated.
  • Minimal or zero draft angles
  • Elimination of joint lines.
  • Guaranteed wall thicknesses, due the absence of cores and core flotation allowances.
  • No hot tearing due to the absence of hindered contraction associated with poor core breakdown and complex gating systems.
  • Elimination of gas defects from mould materials.