Replicast® Ltd.

7 East Bank Road, Sheffield. S2 3PT
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Growth Accelerator

Replicast is now part of the Growth Accelerator programme, a government-backed service offering support to businesses with the potential for significant improvement and growth. It will focus on assisting companies with rapid growth and ensure long-term sustainability. Companies will be able to access the service delivered by a consortium that contains one of the UK’s leading accountancy firms Smith Crven, , science and technology training consultancy Pera, and high-growth coaching services Winning Pitch.

ISO9001 Quality Management

This week we have completed our 6 monthly BSI audit of our Quality Management system, with only one minor NCR.

ISO 14001 Environmental

This week we have completed our 6 monthly BSI audit of our Environment Management system with only one minor NCR.

Replicast Website

Welcome to our new Replicast website, This site is to allow us to publicise the benefits of our net-shaped, lowest-total-manufacturing-cost, production systems now that the company is a separate manufacturing entity from its previous owners Cti, which are now part of Sheffield University.

Replicast is now a stand-alone manufacturing company producing ceramic shell investment and precision sand castings in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, with a weight range of 0.5Kg to 750Kg.

Big thanks to Oliver at Formed in Doncaster for making us such a great website.