Replicast® Ltd.

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Production Syncho

Replicast is currently in the process of converting it production control systems to the Synchro ERP system. Synchro is completely dedicated to and specializes in the Cast Metal Industry, developed to meet the unique and exclusive requirements for each of the sub manufacturer’s within the sector.

Replicast Goes Nuclear

Replicast has this week signed up to work with Sheffield University on its Fit for Nuclear programme (F4N) as part of its R&D & Business Excellence development activities. Work will be undertaken on a new very challenging production component and also concurrent development of its compliance standards.

Magmasoft Simulation Technology

Replicast have this week invested in MAGMAsoft simulation technology as part of its process development and design optimisation strategy. The first product reviewed has seen a 9% increase in individual casting yield and an overall metal poured yield of 14%.

Design Optimised Casting Replaces Forging

This week sees the successful machining of a new cast product for Replicast, replacing a forging with a lighter, easier machining product, that could see significant production volumes in the future. Sample parts were 3D modelled, cast and machined within 3 weeks from receipt of the initial drawings.